Vintage Golf Angel Ornament

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This unique original hand-crafted Golf Angel ornament was made in 1981 at the St. Andrew's Abbey Benedictine monastery of the Congregation of the Annunciation located in Valyermo, in the Mojave Desert, northern Los Angeles County, southern California. 

  • Despite its age the ornament is in near perfect condition
  • Includes the original hang tag/note card
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  • All of the St. Andrew's Abbey ornament designs were created by Father Maur, a French monk who studied art in Ghent. He was ordained in Belgium in 1958. When he visited St. Andrew's in 1965 for the first time, he was asked to help them establish a ceramics factory. He came up with original designs for St. Andrew's after ten months in Mexico studying folk art. The monastery website notes, The hallmark of his designs are the large, wide open eyes of his saints, madonnas, and angels, expressing wide-eyed wonder at the beauty of God, his creations, our world and its beauty, seen simply, as through the eyes of a child. His artwork is not only simple, it is also joyful, humorous, and kind. It touches people where they 'are', not where they 'should be'.  Father Maur spent five months a year for the next 36 years creating new designs for St. Andrew's.